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  Model BT350
Suits 50mm ball
  Model BT505
Multi Coupling Towbar
  Model BT1200B
Suits 95mm ball & others
  Model BT1200H
Suits Light Pintle Hook
  Model BT1250H
Suits Pintle Hook & 50mm ball
  Model BT1300A
Suits Auto Pin or Pintle Hooks
  Model BT1300B
Suits 127mm ball
  Model BT1300H
Suits Medium Pintle Hooks
  Model BT1400A
Suits Auto Pin Couplings
  Model BT1400B
Suits 127mm ball
  Model BT1400H
Suits Heavy Pintle Hooks
  Model BT1700A
Suits Auto Pin Couplings
  Model BT1700B
Suits 127mm ball
Welcome to Bartlett Towbars for Trucks
Ready to Install Towbar kits
Professionally Designed
Skilled and experienced mechanical engineers develop safe and functional towbar designs for sale in kit form. Click here for further details »
Compliance and Safety
Bartlett towbars are designed to meet the strength and safety specifications of Australian Design Rule 62 (ADR 62). Click here for further details »
A Complete Kit
View an interactive display to see an example of what a typical towbar kit will include.
Bartlett Towbars
What to expect
Information for Towbar Installers
Installers will gain the following benefits when fitting Bartlett Towbars:
  • Slash 'Think time' (no designing) - Slash installation time.
  • Attractively priced - job costing simplified.
  • No 3rd party engineering reports - compliance is simplified.
  • Key into Bartlett's expertise as a business enhancement.
Installer notes and installation sequence animation. Click here for further details »
Typical installation
sequence (2.9 MB)
Instruction Booklet, Rating Plate & Customisation.
Click here for further details
Bartlett Advises: Always request a towbar rating plate and manufacturers' written assurances of ADR62 compliance. A towbar supplied without these features is illegal and simply not worth the risk.